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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for visiting our blog and we hope you enjoy what we have to share and talk about.

We met working in TheĀ  Beauty Boutique in Colchester, Essex 3 years ago now and are still going strong. We have a shared passion for all things beauty related an anything that is simply just beautiful. Being part of the Boutique is like being part of a big crazy family with rarely a dull moment. The girls inspire us daily with their stories, products they are trying, new treatments they have seen, places they have gone and so much more !

I (Amy) live in Colchester and Susie lives and commutes from Farnborough…. a long story as to why but that one I am sure Susie will share at some point.

We intend to bring you an honest insight into the life of being in the beauty industry, being a therapist, owning and running a beauty salon, treatment and product reviews and much more. Having a team of girls that are passionate about all things beauty makes it easy to share with you such a wide range of opinions and thoughts.

We want to share with you our lives, our loves, our laughs and all in between, working in the world of beauty.

Susie and I will simultaneously update the blog. Where I will focus more on Salon Life, Susie will focus on beauty and lifestyle although I am sure you will get to hear from both of us throughout.

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Thanks again for reading!


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