Welcome to Number 22

Welcome to Number 22!

Number 22 is the brainchild of Amy & Susie. Inspired by the boutique style beauty salon we work in and the team of girls that we spend more time with than our husbands. We created this blog to share with you the experiences we have being in the beauty industry, the highs, the lows, how we like to unwind away from the salon, coping with motherhood and true reviews on products, places and much more.

Working in the beauty industry allows us an insight into the very best treatments and products both in salon and on the high street as our spare time is spent sending each other whatsapp messages on what little gem we have found or place we have been that is dreamy! The boutique salon in which we work provides innovative, results driven beauty & skin treatments and is a beautiful, tranquil environment which allows us to wallow in all things beauty! 

Working with top brands, the best products and an expert team is girly heaven and daily we rifle through each others belongings to see whats new in the make up bag or what the gorgeous smell is wafting through the boutique! .

‘Shop our favourites’ is an area we have created with our products of the moment. Some of which we use in the boutique and some that we may just have come across on our travels and fallen in love with.

We hope you enjoy our blog and journey of life working in the beauty industry. Please feel free to get in touch any time whether your another blogger, a brand or just want some advice from one beauty lover to another.


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