Meet Amy

So I’m Amy. Beauty Salon Owner, Mum to two beautiful fluffy headed children and surrogate mother to 7 Beauty Therapists!

In this blog I will tell you how all the above started and my journey so far….

I started my beauty journey at 16 when I enrolled onto a beauty therapy course and gained my NVQ’s. Beauty didn’t grab me at this point so after a fun but not life changing experience at a local salon I decided to give it up and turn my hand to something else.

Between the ages of 18 to 24 I tried a few different roles, went travelling to Australia, debated moving to Amsterdam, lived in Spain for 2 years and then returned and settled for a PA role in good old Colchester.

After having my little boy, Sammy in 2007, I felt the need to embark on another job adventure and signed up to a course in lash extensions (having had them myself) I started to offer them from home after a lengthy stint of torturing friends and family by making them lie on the hard kitchen table for at least four hours whilst I tried not to glue their eyes together!

Hard to believe I know but I became pretty good at this and continued to work from home (although not on the kitchen table) and soon teamed up with what would be my first employee after not being able to meet the demand alone.

I soon decided that although I loved working from home, the way in which home life and work life entwined after a while I did not. Banning my family from talking or making any noise whatsoever whilst I had clients just no longer seemed right……this is when ‘’Number 22’’ North Hill just happened to be advertised.

It was just the upstairs to begin with which suited me fine and myself and two other girls began to work together.  In 2013 baby number two arrived (Bonnie) who is now five (going on 15)

Almost as soon as I had had Bonnie the lady downstairs decided to leave and I was offered the entire building. It was there and then that I had to make the decision to sink or swim as the saying goes. Take it or leave it and the rest is kind of history.

So for the last 6 years I have been the proud owner of The Beauty Boutique in Colchester, Essex and somehow,although at times it has seemed impossible, I have juggled owning a business and bringing up my two children.

There are many emotions that come with owning a business. It is my life, my passion, my driving force, my escape at times, a place where I lose myself entirely in my work and somewhere I live, sleep, eat, dream, repeat.  On the other side of the coin, it’s at times been the hardest, most worrying thing I have ever done where I ask myself why? how? do I want this? And most of all constantly battling myself for time and energy and getting the balance right between being a mum and a business woman and wondering if I still have friends that I have had to abandon and never seemingly able to find the time to see.

Nevertheless I have managed it and my passion for this industry drives me to continuously to embark on new challenges and strive to create a place of beauty that is the very best….

In my next blog find out how Number22 ”the blog” was born and why???




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