Meet Susie

Hi, I’m Susie!

I met Amy working at The Beauty Boutique in Colchester, Essex firstly as a Beauty Therapist which over time developed into Salon Support & Marketing lead and part-time Master HD Brow Stylist.

I’ve worked at The Beauty Boutique for just over 3 years now. Being part of The Boutique is like being part of a big crazy family with rarely a dull moment!

I live in Farnborough, Hampshire and spend my time travelling between here and the salon in Colchester.

As my life and movements have changed, so has my work. Over the years my job has evolved and I have found a role which allows me to work within the areas I love and to still be a part of the boutique.

Sounds a little crazy I know but my work/home/life balance is just about right and it means I get the best of both worlds!

When I’m in the salon I love being with the team (I will introduce them to you later) catching up with clients and being part of a busy, buzzy atmosphere.

When I’m at home I get to work on the social media & marketing for the salon and most recently introduce this new and exciting blog alongside Amy!

Working from home also means I get to spend time with my beloved four legged friend, Jasper my King Charles Cavalier. He enjoys long walks, swimming & cuddles which is ideal as the days I work from home allows me to do this.

I am also super excited to be expecting my first baby in January!

Other things you can expect to read about at Number22 is my love for all things beautiful, product & treatment reviews & good beauty finds!

I plan to update the blog as much as I can to keep current & will always give you open and honest opinion on topics I blog about.

I would love to hear from you, so get in touch & say hi!

Thanks again for reading!

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