Goodbye Colchester, Hello Motherhood…

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks since I left The Beauty Boutique!

So much has happened for me over the last few weeks and I’m still learning to adjust to my new lifestyle. I had my last working week at The Boutique, I celebrated turning 27 (& realised it would be my last birthday without a small person in it!) & I am officially on maternity leave.

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant so only 8 weeks to go. (Although I am fully aware this baby will come when it’s ready so trying not to concentrate on my “due date” to much).

My last week working at The Beauty Boutique went so quickly. I had so much work to hand over, meetings booked in and a “priority list” of things to get done, so I didn’t feel like time was on my side.

I had such a mix of emotions on my last day, I felt so sad that I wouldn’t see my beautiful work friends as often as I had and scared that I would feel disconnected from the salon. On the flip side, I couldn’t wait to take a step back from my busy work life and start preparing for my new life of becoming a Mum.

On my last day I made a pretty swift exit as I knew hanging around and dragging out the goodbyes would only result in a very emotional Team BB. So, I said my quick goodbyes, reminded them all that I would see them soon, took a deep breath & left.

After leaving the salon, I popped in to see my other lovely work friend, Laura who has just recently had her baby. Laura and I had shared most of our pregnancy’s together (being only 7 weeks 2 days apart).
Here’s me meeting Baby Rose for the first time at just 8 days old!

I plan on spending the next few weeks getting myself organised, purchasing last minute baby bits and trying to spend a bit of time relaxing (which is something I’m not particularly good at). I also have a few blogs to write up including my amazing & totally Insta worthy baby shower put together by the wonderful Team BB so I will be sure to follow up with that soon!…


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