Make up Storage & Nesting

Organisation. It’s been so nice to have the time to get organised. I defiantly feel like this ‘nesting’ business is starting to kick in!

I love an organised life. I’m still using a paper diary & I love a list & a wall calendar. Who doesn’t?!

Make up has always been a huge love of mine. I could waste hours watching YouTube makeup tutorials and love a good beauty review! I also think there is nothing more satisfying than a great beauty find! (especially if it’s bargain buy!)

I just recently turned 27 and received this mug from my mums best friends granddaughter. How gorgeous!

I knew straight away that I wasn’t going to be using it for my raspberry leaf tea (A delicious herbal remedy recommended by my hypnobirthing teacher! Worth a look into if you’re in the last trimester of pregnancy like me). Instead I would use it to display and store my makeup brushes as it goes perfectly with my bedroom decor.

I have also found a link to purchase online if you wish! – Click Here

I use a mixture of premium branded and high street makeup. I have organised my favourite makeup into draws & the remaining makeup that I get out for the odd occasion remains in makeup bags until I find a nicer storage home for it.

Blushers, Bronzers & Highlighters

Eye Make up products

Lipsticks (& of course a trusty pot of Vaseline!)

Brow products and additional bits and bobs!


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