My go to quick fixes

On the mornings I take the children to school, however early I get up, I always seem to be desperately short on time to get myself ready, both the children, breakfast, last minute reading or homework that has suddenly been found at the bottom of a school bag and the packed lunch Bonnie suddenly she decides her world will end upon if she doesn’t take it in that day!……and so the list goes one.

I can’t afford to spend ages on my make up but if I’m working in the boutique I need to make sure I’m at least looking alive when I greet our clients!

These are my go to products that if i’m not careful I will use every day and I have to really be in the mood to deviate or go that extra mile and chuck on some lippy or some eyeliner…

I don’t worry too much with mascara as most of the time I am wearing lashes which is a godsend for me. Oh and Jasmine (who works at the salon with me) has tattooed my eyebrows using a natural hair by hair-stroke technique so these are also always done.

So to begin I use Skeyndor’s CC Cream. It genuinely is one of the best products I have ever used and having tried Laura Mercia’s tinted moisturiser and a few others this is the best I have found and for that reason I stock it in the boutique. The texture is light but creamy and smells divine. It glides on easily using fingers or a stipple brush and evens out the skin tone without being heavy. Many clients often ask me what I use and for the last two years it has been this. When I go out in the evening I will either use this and layer it or I will choose maybe an Estee Lauder or Dior foundation.

Under my eyes I have been using Charlotte Tilbury’s Mini Miracle Eye Wand which has a serum and an under-eye concealer. It feels fabulous and covers well and helps to conceal my lack of sleep!








My Eyelids I dust a touch of MAC’s Texture Velvet Eyeshadow in FARD A PAUPIERES. I love this as it’s Matt and I find that less aging now i’m not a twenty something but still doesn’t make me feel like I’ve entered my mum’s make up bag…..sorry mum




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