Viva Espana!

Viva Espana!

I would say it’s almost essential that every girl experiences a girls’ holiday at least once & I’ve been lucky enough to have 3 with this crazy lot!

For the past 3 years we have closed the salon for a long weekend and enjoyed a few blissful days of luxury in sunny Spain.

We fly into Murcia & stay a 20 minute drive away from the airport in a beautiful little villa. The pool is literally a stone’s throw away from the villa which is perfect for popping back and forth for drinks, nibbles & other sunbathing essentials.

As our team is forever growing, this year all 8 of us went! Here we all are…

We spend our days lazing around the pool with the occasional rematch of water Olympics. This relates back to our first ever trip to Spain and involves getting from one side of the pool to the other on inflatables in the form of flamingoes and unicorns! It’s quite hysterical!

Our evenings include short strolls up to the square where there is a handful of different bars and restaurants to choose from. One of our favourites is a restaurants called ‘The Stone Grill’, if you are a fan of fajitas, these are a game changer!

We had breakfast here this year too. I had the fruit salad with Greek yogurt and honey which is my holiday go-to & this one was 100% blog & Insta worthy so I couldn’t resist but to start snapping away!

It won’t take you long as you browse through my blog to see that I am a little snap happy! I love capturing a moment and then looking back on the photos. I often think it’s the moments captured in a photo that you remember the best. Here’s just a few more below…



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