There’s no place like… ‘Working from Home’

Now that we are in October, Maternity Leave is suddenly feeling very close.

I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant (today in fact!) I have one of these apps that tells you how the baby is growing and today it’s 38cm and the size of a cucumber! I’m feeling kicks all time now which is amazing! I still can’t quite believe I’m growing a tiny human inside of me!

I’m finishing for early Maternity at 30 weeks which means I can concentrate more on the blog and have a nice amount of time to ‘nest’ before baby arrives.

This is officially my last week working from home, which means my last week of actually getting any work done! I have one week at home then one week in the salon which is the perfect balance.

I save all my work and to-do’s for my week at home then when I’m in the Boutique I get to be with my clients, the team and help the general daily running of a busy salon.

I have really mixed emotions about maternity leave, one part of me wants to jump up and down (if I possibly could!) dreaming of sleeping in late, catching up on all the great TV dramas that everyone always talks about and I always miss (mainly because I can’t stay awake past 10pm!) and becoming the perfect house wife. Then there’s the other side of me that’s knows the novelty will wear off after a week or 2 and is scared i’m going to loose a little piece of ‘Susie’ and miss salon life and the girls.

The Blog for me has been a bit of a life saver. A way I can still keep in touch with the salon, the team & the beauty industry.

Next week Laura and I (my salon Bump Babe) are having a joint baby shower which is super exciting! The girls have been planning like secret squirrels so we genuinely have no idea whats going on so I will be sure to keep you posted!…

Pictures to follow!…





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