And so the story continues….

So……the last 7 years have been a whirlwind. The years pass so quickly anyway but having the salon seems to make everything pass even quicker. Maybe it’s because I’m always looking at the months and seasons ahead in order to plan for the treatments, window displays, products etc

Throughout this time I have met some wonderful girls who have worked for me and together we spend more time with each other than quite possibly our family and friends. Sometimes were passing ships in the night almost as we are so busy but other times we get to stop and chat or will gather in the kitchen to catch up on the latest gossip or what one of the girls has purchased, often clothing or make up, oh and also holidays, who’s going where, or what shall we do on our next get together.

So during a meeting that Susie and I were having around a year or so ago (we tried to have one a week to catch up and make plans for our social media etc), Susie brought up the fact of wouldn’t it be good for us to make more of our blog.

So during many discussions we concluded that we have a wonderful insight into beauty related conversations and products.

Being a group of girls that spend every day together means that daily one of us has brought something new or has tried a new product (it could be one we sell in the boutique or not). Clients ask us all the time maybe what foundation we are wearing or where did we get our lippy from or what do we recommend is the best product for this or for that. In addition our clients love to hear what we have been up to as a team and individually and we hope to bring you this through our blog.

So Susie and I decided we wanted to a launch a new blog all of its own. That included salon life which follows anything the girls are doing or we do as a team, places they go, babies they have, things they like or dislike and almost a day in the life of a beauty therapist.

Then Lifestyle as Susie and I just love all things pretty including décor, places, coffee shops and so on. Our aim is to document our lives to give a true insight into who we are, what we get up to and places we go. The girls at the boutique will also bring much to this section as many things I end up with at home or in the salon have been recommended by them!

Beauty is of course the main area we will focus on! How often do you get a group of girls who all love beauty and anything beauty related?? Talking about beauty constantly, sharing each others make up bags, nipping up the hill daily to get MACS latest lippy or Estee Lauder’s new foundation means our lives are never without beauty products!

Having the salon just gives us the most amazing platform to start a blog and to me salon life is so interesting so I’m kind of hoping everyone else will find us interesting too !!

Susie and I have launched an Instagram account ‘’number22’’ to share our everyday lives and much more, whether we get it right or not is yet to be known but we are super excited about it (squealing excited at times).

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